Had a go yesterday...

Surfed some small but glassy 3' windswell on the triple.
I was alone for the first hour and then a few joined me to the south.
When I left, there were 4 suiting up for the other spot, I looked but I couldn't see why.
I have the 9'0" finished except for the box and tail patch.
Start to finish in three days...not bad considering.
It took me 8 hours total to shape it, glass and finish it up.
Resin tint blue bottom, resin tint yellow deck, muted green where I wrapped the rails, red pinline to cover the lap (though I could almost leave it).
The box will take and hour and then give it a nice bath.
My neighbor laughs when he sees me bring a new one out for this ritual.
but a clean new board is a happy new board.
I learned a few things on this one.
Cleaner planer passes on top and bottom.
Only two hours to shape the blank.
Cutlaps at 2 inches are easier than 2 inches more onto the deck or bottom.
Flat block sanding by hand is faster if the bottom hot coat is super flat.
I can put on a hot coat super flat.

The board is a present, supposed to be under the tree in Portland tomorrow morning,
It won't make it due to snow but it would have.
Oh yes.
Pics later...

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Gaz said...

Howzit T. looks like you have a new career man!