The Log...

This is the 10' I recently finished...
Its for sale at 350.00 or it so I can build another one.
I was not quite up for the challenge of the colors, all resin tint and cutlap, real old school stuff. It came out alright, not great but its solid except where the colors weeped through the tape.
Thats what I learned.
And nose concaves are fun.
This board rides just like it looks, deep pivots and drop knee turns from the tail, perfect trim and control from the nose.
Its a great rider.

Finsihed the rail bands on the SUP, set it aside to start on a stringerless fish.
I want to glass both at the same time in the same colors.
My personal board sizes are shrinking...well, except for the Log.
Thats my new blank next to it....

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Chum said...

I like the color scheme on the bottom. Would love to do something like that on whatever foam I end up butchering.