The Mini-Simmons

Glassing it today finally, I put it on hold for the Christmas board but its time before something bad happens to the blank.
6'6" by 22.5 by 3.
Nose is 17, tail 19.
S decked.
Spooned nose.
Stringerless for 2/3rds.
I might go clear on this one...well no, I used a blank that had some nastiness, a few small voids that I had to fill.
So color it is.
Or white.
Nope. Too retro.

It will be up for sale after I ride it.
After watching a board like this being surfed, I know I would want a 7'4" or longer. Maybe 8'0".
Swift gets 1050.00 for theirs.
I might get 100.00 for this one.
Get your order in now.

Scored some Volan from a friend in Newport, heavy 10oz stuff.

Not going on the Simmons.

Got waves yesterday...the Old Man of the Sea told me my timing sucks.
And it did but it was still rideable.
Had fun.
Found a better fin set up for the 8'0".
Its still too fast for mushy waves, puts me out in front too often.
Rocks were hungry too.
But I wore a leash for the first time in two months.
I left the Place That Eats Fins and surfed the fish at the BB. It was walled up more or less but damn, that fish is fast on the pump.
While I aint 15 any more, I can still throw some fans.
And ollie whitewater.

Going to try it again today, maybe show up an hour earlier.


See ya.

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