Speaking of fin foils...

Yeah, up early to score some up-the-bay waves but thought I would look at some wood in the shop first.

I made a set of fins for the Simmons inspired chip, I used the dims and outlines that I got from sways and others.
They look right.
But as they are as glass ons', they have to do more than look right.
Fin foil.
Up till now, I have been putting a fin in my left hand and copying it with my right.
Its easy to copy something, especially in wood.
The cherry chocolate log has that David fin, its an exact dupe of the glass original and it works just like it should.
I have copied the Harbour HP 10 fin, an old set of original Rocket Fish fins (probably Rainbow made as the board was from Clydes shop in SB, c.1977) and the half moon Simmons style fins.
But for the future, the Hull type boards, I simply cant keep buying fins so I have to learn to lay them up in glass rather than shaping them and then laminating wood.
Trouble is the bases, it has to very strong at the base or Arago will eat it.
Arago already has two of my fins on her rocky point.
I would rather repair a fin box than lose a fin.

Anyway, the whole foil/lift/response/wag/rake and blah blah...quite complicated for such a simple little thing.

Back to sways....
See ya.

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