Day off...

I had planned to fit the fins to the mini thing but I think a day off is in order. Should be some waves this am somewhere around here...
No, really.
Still under the weather, feeling yuck, def need to surf.
Suits are dry, booties too.

Shaping has slowed down some, I have two ready to glass and Mikes' board too.
My local supply house has been out of resin for two weeks now, they didnt realize 'they would sell so much'.
I cleaned them out in the last two months, 600.00 worth of resin and glass.
Its costing me about 100.00 a board right now for resin and glass.
Cant figure out a way to do it cheaper.
I can order resin at 38.00 but then with shipping, its 4.00 away from buying local.
Fins are still an issue...I have made 6 now, a balsa Harbour HP fin was the hardest, keels and half moons are easy.

I put a Wingnut in the V Panel and that is the right fin for that sharp tail. The bead is holding up well, a little surprised really as it seems like it would get chipped.

Anyway, I am up early, going to go have a look.
Surfs up.

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