Sold out...

Did the blank count today as I wasn't sure what I have left.
It looks like I have 6 more to part with, those are going to Portland this weekend...
And thats it.
Leaves me sitting on 38 total, all over 8'4" except for a few stringerless fish blanks.
I bring this up because while I have been selling these at less than half of retail, they haven't exactly flown out the door.
I got a call this morning for the 9'8" blanks, I have three left, I was offering them up at 75.00 a week ago.
No more.
Go to Fiberglass Supply and get one for 141.00 and shipping at 150.00 per box of four.
So yes, I am laughing.

Those guys who hemmed and hawed and frankly waited too long, sorry.

Long period swell this morning, looking good in an hour or so.
And yes, I put a leash on the go to board.
I don't feel up for the swim today.
Call me a dog.

See ya.

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