Well, not yet. Tomorrow.
Fin, as in finished.
Or finned.

Aircraft grade ply. No shit, made for the gas scale model guys. If its good enough to fly...


Ah, the lovely smell of a fresh hotcoat....
And the painful dust of sanding it.
Actually, I dont do much to the deck as far as sanding. My hot coats are pretty flat anyway, I clean up the wax and any boogers, call it good.

Oh well.
I fucked the pinline again.
I might invest in a tattoo gun instead.
Going to try another product.
Apparently, I am not old enough.
See ya.
Oh, 6'10" by 23 1/2
19 1/2" nose
19 1/2" tail
Hull to flat.
4" nose rocker
0" tail rocker
Fins are 10" by 5 1/4", set 2" up, 1 1/4" off the rail, toed to 6 degrees.
Triple 4 deck, double 6 bottom with nose and tail patch.
No leash plug.
With any luck, its first waves will be 552 miles south of me.

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