Mini Simmons adventure

So a quick report on the Simmons inspired craft...
I paddle it instead of the 10'0" log even on barely waist high days.
It paddles into waves very well, no hang ups dropping in, just a smooth transition to flow and speed.
It duck dives really deep.
Its surefooted and I have not felt a bit of slide out even with a buried rail.
Its a handful the first few waves backside but I surf off my back foot backside and thats a no no on this design. After a few lefts, I had it down on the pop up.
It has a glide you won't find in other short boards. Doesn't notice the flats.
Its easy to control the speed. It sprays a lot of water when cutting back or carving off the top. I mean buckets.
It goes against everything that should work on a surfboard.
Wide tail? Should hang up on steep drops but doesn't.
Little fins outboard? Should wiggle like a dying fish and feel skittish.
Its a design that has been overlooked for these reasons and others. While I doubt I would ride it at 6'6" in some serious size, it feels so positive underfoot, I think it could handle bigger, hollower surf.

I am currently shaping another one at 7'4", a bit more of a cruiser maybe but with my legs like tree trunks, I can push the design length and still carve.
I think it rides like a super carve-y longboard skate. Its easy to connect turns as it seems to 'know' the fall line.
Its much more user friendly that I thought it would be.
Face it, its a funky looking design.
But it works, how well it will work at longer or shorter lengths I will soon find out.
This one is headed to Portland...

If any one wants one, let me know, 300.00 out the door at any length under 8'0"...

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