I got the info I needed to make a 7'0" have the volume and still surf much shorter. While I had been eliminating tail rocker in the search for speed (and in keeping with Simmons' original ideas), the consensus is to add an inch of tail rocker for every 6" over 6' in length.
Makes sense.
But what about the speed I might lose to not having a flat bottom?
Not to worry, the extra float and volume will make up for it.
It also came up to increase the base of the fin for more drive.
So 10" base should be 10 and 3/4" on a 7'0". No need to increase the height as the fins stick. I have only popped mine out backside and that was way on a rail.
Like folded over with 1/3rd of the board still in the water.

So Sways comes through again. Where else are you going to get some of the best shapers in the world discussing such things?

Now, if I could find Balsa cheaper than the local supply house...

I want to throw this out again, I am in need of a bike, will trade a custom board of your choosing for the right bike.
Your bike need not be perfect, just something I can set up to trailer a board down the Coast. My boards are worth 300.00, your bike should be worth about the same.

Thats it for me, much to do today but none of it involves surfing...
Thats ok, kind of tired anyway.
See ya.

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