Templates two too

Laid out three new templates I got in the mail, one is printed backwards so I guess that board will be one trick puppy.
The Casper outline is unique in that it pulls the tail in to 14" at the butt, Simmons would call that a 'paddleboard' tail. But in context, I think it fits the 5'6" length.
Not something I would ride but its an easy build except for the fins.
I am hoping to get my 7'4" shaped out and maybe talk my hippie house guest into doing some sanding...lol.
DR sent me a template for the hulls he is shaping, more Greenough than Liddle is what he says, his own board is trick and looks like a bar of well used soap.
I should be getting some more tints in to Englund Marine today, they have been great in not only giving me discounts but going out of their way to find the products I need.
I could order from FS but Englund matches the price and there is no shipping.

I am also doing some epoxy glassing in the next two weeks, again the discount kicks in and saves me some dough. Epoxy is twice the cost of polyester and frankly, my boards aren't flying out the door.
I prefer poly myself for the tradition and the weight, not much funnier than watching a super-lightweight board get blown off the surfers' line by 2' of a whitewater section.

Thats the news from the basement, see ya.

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