I now have 16 templates in my growing pile, from Andrieni hulls to Harbour Banana's.
Yesterday I picked up templates for a mini Casper (Simmons) at 5'6" and a stubbie single at 5'10.
I don't think I will build the Casper yet but if any one reading out there thinks its a good idea, let me know.
I did cut another blank out for a flat rockered Mini at 5'10, the 9'4" blank yielded one mini and three little handboards.
Whats a handboard?
This is...
Pretty simple craft.
What? You won't use one? But its all the rage, you know, back to the roots deal.
Though I can proudly claim I never left the 'roots'.
I own a Morey Boogie and I ride it.
I own two other handplanes and I use them.
I will use anything at my disposal to to ride whats in front of me on any given day.
Too many surfer types don't.

Yesterday a Cormorant came up out of the water and was stumbling around on the beach. A Bald Eagle swooped down and lit into the injured bird, tearing at its neck with its beak. A few minutes later, the eagle backed off when suddenly another bald Eagle came in an attacked the first.
They flew off diving and bombing one another while the cormorant slowly faded to death.
The seagulls took over from there.

Thats all I have from the Retro Basement of surfboard design.

Oh, Rambler 2 is on Oregon Coast CL if any one wants a longboard, 350.00 with a G&S Retro rake fin in red, 300.00 without.

See ya.

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Doc said...

I bodysurf when I'm down south...
Something about dressing up in my sealion costume...
And entering the food chain is offputting for me...
For some reason entering the food chain on a surfboard doesn't merit a second thought.
word ver = whtshrk