"It looks like Florida...but cold"

Stoked: What you call two grown men playing in 1-3 foot windslop, air 50. water 48.

Thats right, Mr. Retrotrendynamic and his buddy will ride anything, anywhere.
We were out till almost dark in some nasty stuff.
Like Florida.
But cold.
But the sixten doesn't mind and I had a few decent waves at knee high.
Mr. L is like me, just happy to be in the water and not counting cranberries.
Or something.
The Circus Lightweight is with its new owner, he was stoked too, its a Lightweight thats actually light.
And he showed me the 'real deal', a Calvani Bing Lightweight...that weighed 25 lbs.
Ha...The Calvani has Volan and a nice glass job but I could not see much of a difference in the shape...oh, except I had the flatter rocker that the originals had through the middle third.
Get that Matt? Not all surfers are into the generic once size fits all rocker deals.
"If I wanted a banana, I would have asked for a banana..."
The new owner was happy, could be it was just because it was Friday or it could be that he just picked up a board that was truly a lightweight and looked like it should work for him.
It will be good to see him out in the water again. I have heard rumors about his bigger wave exploits, I know he disintegrated a surftech in macking NE.
Please don't kill the Circus board!

Anyway, the Turtle is calling me and I want to ask if any one is heading to Bend any time soon? From Eugene or Florence?
I have 50.00 for you to get a board over there from either place.
See ya.

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