Its been a quiet week in my hometown...

After putting off my surf trip for board building and then watching the weather turn shitty where I was headed...
Well, I guess I had more fun just being irresponsible.
It happens.
I wanted to go, I had shit to do.
Doesn't mean I gave up.
Wife is back today.
I have one board to finish by Saturday.
I just might get a crack at the spot I was heading to yet.

But I had fun this week.

I did this...
And then I did this one...(pics are big, click'em to see the foil and S deck, its worth it...)

And then I started this one...The Casper Simmons is 7'0" by 24" by 3 1/4", 19" nose, 19" tail, fins are 1/4" by 10 1/2" by 5" tall. Leash loop is Brazilian Rosewood.
Surfs just like my sixten, fast wide and stable. I charged some high tide beachbreak on it this morning and the board flies. Paddles a bit better than my sixten due to having a bit more hull and entry rocker. Once you are up, you don't notice its size, just the speed. And speed means you can go where you want to go on the wave.
I love these fucking boards.
And in Oregon, you can only get one from me.

Oh, I am sure some one else is going to shape one out, as soon as they put away the the dated thruster chip shit thats out there now.
Or the generic 'hi-performance' longboard that is so prevalent.

I also surfed the Bing Lightweight copy...
Second wave was a 10 yard ten over...backside.
Very lively due to it being light, 15 lbs or so.
I like it.
No really.
A lot.
Rides like an old friend because the shape is kinda that way.
It goes home tonight, I think he will be happy with it.
And I am humbled by the pintail.
And the pulled nose, both design traits I had shut my mind to.
But damn if the board isn't wonderful to ride.
Sorry for stealing all the waves Andrew...
Even in the run through the shorebreak, nothing but glide and drive.
I would like to have this board out at Cojo...yeah.
I should mention it's loose.
Oh, 9'4" by 23 1/2" by 18" nose by 16" tail by 3 1/4" thick, 50/50 pinched throughout. Slight belly to V bump to roll.

So thats what I have been up to.
That sheltered point is going to have to wait for me.
Maybe a hot Saturday night date or something...

And thats enough.

What did you do this week?

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Surfsister said...

Talked to the surgeon. Scheduled knee replacement surgery. Banked a pint of blood.

I really didn't do much.