Its not just the name of a famous bus...

I did not get much done the last two days, between Stella and the house, the nasty 40 knot winds and a questionable gallon of resin, I have not been that productive.
I have the Barklow pin masked and ready for deck glass but it will have to wait till tomorrow for that, my Silmar resin has a cloudy look to it and I need to swap it out at the local supply house.
They rotate stock but their supplier sometimes doesn't and I will not use a questionable looking resin...fresh or nothing darn it!
While I have the blank shaped out, I transferred the numbers to two other blanks, I am sure to be asked for more of that style of board so that will save me some time.
Anyway, I wish I had more but thats it from the woeful windy Coast.
Have a good weekend and be sure to remember those who gave their lives for this Country.

See ya.

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