Its a Slippery Soap.

This is...

Foam dust, the fine stuff.
The nuisance dust of finishing touches to a blank.


But this one is ready for glass.
I have the deep dark black board ready for more too so tomorrow promises to be messy.

Its a good thing there is no surf.
Otherwise I might not get anyting done.
Man, I miss waves,

And there isn't much brewing, is there?
Here anyway.
But I made brownies and I shaped out a hull.
I suspect I will see this board drop in on me now and then.
Its a good thing the Simmons inspired boards are faster than a stubbie hull.
See ya.

1 comment:

Doc said...

I have to say those Mandala Stubbies look nice tho...
Maybe a aggregate Simmons Stubby Hull Twin might work?
I don't know...
You're the shaper.