Love that sandbar...

Yeah, been busy shaping and glassing this week but still found time for a few sessions. Our local wind protected sandbar has been great during this flat spell, holding up rights into the rip and lefts that peel over crystal clear water onto the bar.
Been stuck riding the log but its better than nothing.
Boards are going well, I have the Barklow Lightweight ready for the fin box this morning-always my last step for some reason-and I hope to deliver it this weekend.

I shaped out my new Simmons inspired Hull Velo tail at 6'6", I will be putting boxes in it so it can go single or keel, nice to have a choice. I did use more curve in the rail starting at 34 inches, not to get it looser but to pull the tail back into the 17 inch range.
I plan on doing a Balsa deck with my new vacuum bag set up-thats right, compsand here I come because if I ain't learning, I end up being a blank skinner and shaping generic surfboards-can't have that, I would be competing with...well, you know.

I have a trip southward next week, new south is hitting my Tropical vacation spot with a predicted 6' plus, long period swell, Santa Cruz...time to trunk it! Ok, so the water is still 57 there but thats good enough for me to shed rubber...local water is down to 47, thank you 40 knot North wind.
Thats my friend in the lower center of the screenshot...spin Baby spin!
I have room for one if anyone wants to tag along.
Most people are so busy working for money that working for time ain't gonna happen.
I learned long ago that no matter how rich I get, I still can't buy time.
Can you?

Well, thats the news from the Retro shack of shaping...
See ya.

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