The ultimate 2' Mysto...

Wasted yesterday...
Found some little freak of a sandbar peak south of me about 70 miles.
I was checking the point to the north of XXXX XXXXXXXX and while it wasn't showing, I did see a rather consistent little sandbar peak rear up and show some potential just south of the point.
The tide was a minus 1.3 and coming up.
Long walk later, I paddled out an entire 30 feet to where it was breaking and rode the board for an hour.
Never got my hair wet.
But I did get to ride the Orangescicle in the two foot faces that were peeling along the edge of the bar.
I over powered the board for the first few waves and then settled down into a take off and glide session, using wee little pumps for speed.
It surfs like my other Simmons type craft, solid under foot with no 'twitch' but comes around much faster on cutbacks. If I am doing full roundhouses with a nice rebound in two foot peaky glass, then the board does generate some speed. The curvier outline is the culprit here.
I also got a bunch of cheater fives, pretty easy to do on a six foot board.
So it too surfs like a skateboard, my only issue with it is its size, I am from the old school and simply tend to overpower little boards. I could flick it and I hate flicking.
But I easily surfed it off just my ankles and in the two or three waist high waves, it went like a rocket.

So, its a twin fin planing hull with a very user friendly outline. The nose width would be an issue in HH surf (for me, I bury rails) but anything under 4' and its going to rip.
No more ply fins for me either, sold on the balsa even though it seems they require two more layers of glass than the ply fins and they still flex at the tips pretty nicely.
I don't see where the shape, at this length or shorter needs any refinement but then again, I only had it out for an hour in less than stellar conditions.
Any longer in this shape and I would pinch the forward rails a bit more (Hi Scott!) and thin out the tail too.
I think I can pull the tail in two inches and get a killer stubbie single out of it too ( Hi again, Scott!)

I will put it up for sale now but continue riding it in the mean time. It won't go any where for a while, this board and other outside the box designs aren't ridden up here by most.
But a longboard that never sees toes on the nose sure are popular....

One other thing, I had offered the board up at 250.00 (it cost me 148.00 to build) but frankly, its worth way more.
So its under my feet till I get 300.00 for it.
And no, I will not put in a leash plug.
Over it.
And you should be over it too.
Too many surfers up here have forgotten how to swim, how to always be capable of self rescue. "Dad, this suit is so 1980's!"

Well, thats it for me. Its 2.3 feet out, south wind at 10 knots.
And a deadly minus tide.
Fucking joy.
And I need to go find a 6'10" super bladed hull thats currently hiding inside an 8'4" blank.
Cows go moo, I go mow.

See ya.

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