Yeah, could live with out this shit.
Its almost 74 out and raining hard.
I had resin go off in less than 15 minutes, a bit of a mess to clean up...
Show ya tomorrow...yuck.
I got some surf today, 2' slop at best but something to do. I found a left in the mess that made the walk worth it.
In other news, I don;t have any.
Kinda burnt out for the week, its been a tough few, thats for sure.
Anyway, see ya.

Oh, whats with all this leash talk?
Every one on the bandwagon?
23breaths is on it, Doc is on it.
Look, its this:
Wear a leash when you need to.
Dont use it though unless you have to.
If its under 4' and you are wearing a leash, there had better be some danger inside.
A leash causes drag, wraps around your leg, makes you lazy.
A beginner with a leash is the dumbest thing ever, its not like they are in deep water and they usually fall near the board anyway...
Thats my take.
See ya.

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r. said...

still here. original spaghetti craft just flies. interesting direction these days. single fin option... why not?