Sometimes, its just as much fun... sit and watch.
Sort of some surf today, not quite good enough to paddle but close. Thats the deal when you live on the Coast, you can take it or leave it some days.
Today, just didn't really care. Sun was out, warm on the beach, friends about, talk boards, life, 'surf' hipster art fucks, posers, boards that are a waste of money and other sundry topics.

Some of you may note that little widget over there on the right, you might, given the time of day or night, notice a proliferation of incoming visitors from Portland...
I'm gonna drop the widget in a few days but a buddy didn't believe me when I told him I get more hits from a city 90 miles from the nearest wave than anywhere else in Oregon.
Maybe they know something up there that I don't.

Tomorrow is a surf day regardless, my shoulder is healed up or close enough anyway, I am core, ya know?

I will be sharing more stories and what not here in the future, hold your breath, k?
But with shaping being so slow and me not wanting to give out 'surf reports' or have this blog become yet another shitpig, seems I got to fill this page up with something.
I write perhaps 5k words a day, some here, mostly some where else.
I don't care to let retroshaper simply fade away...well maybe, just not anytime soon.

In other news, I have a few boards in for repair-none of my shapes mind you...
But some bad delams and stress cracks that need attention.
Delams are bad news, more boards break from having delams than you think.
After, um, educating myself...hello?
...a board with delams in the middle of the deck will spread any forces it encounters out to the rail...crack, broken board.
Fix your decks.

See ya.

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