Mother Nature...

Bit me this week.
No surf to be had around these parts.
Not even absolute crap.
And then...
I get punctured by a cactus leaving my right hand unusable, the tip went through my skin into the base knuckle.
A spider bit me on my thigh while looking for surf on Tuesday afternoon.
Didn't think much of it.
Should have.
I am now sporting a square foot of numb and blotchy skin, from my knee to me upper hip.
When I stretch to the right, it burns like some one stabbed me with a spear.

So yeah, Mother Nature, whats up?

So I am heading off to the beach to do some clean up.
Hit the trails and clean them up too.
I have all day.
Its 3' at 7 seconds and 17 knots from the North.

Would have been a great week to get a tattoo.

Thats all I got, see ya.


Surfsister said...

One of the reasons I don't have more tattoos is because each would require me to be out of the water for longer than I can take.

Perhaps your physical woes for this week will be taken as a sacrifice by the surf gods who will, in turn, deliver some tasty waves.

Yeah, I can put a positive spin on just about anything.

Rachel said...

sounds like you keep getting abused trying to get to the surf!