First time...

Finished the fin up for the 10' triple stringer...first time to glass on a fin.

Its a dead on dupe of the old David fin from his noserider. I couldn't use the original, its my Dad's from 1970 and, as its a box fin, no way could I fit a box to the thinned out tail.

I laid it up using the 45/90/45/90/45 method and its firmly in place. I wanted to fair it out this morning but the surf is getting better by the minute and I simply have to ride it. I will take sandpaper with me and do it between sets....the deck is sanded as far as I care to go with 320 grit, the bottom is at 600 and that too is plenty smooth.
Its too bad the laps leaked, the color is great, blood red resin tint with the chocolate brown resin tint nose...but those lap lines where the tape leaked just fucked it up. I could do a rail band in chocolate brown to hide it but....I dont care to hide my mistakes, better to learn from them and move on.
This board was the hardest resin tint I have done so board is clear dammit!

I took 4 blanks down to Eureka and surfed a secret spot with the guy I sold them too.
Just he and I out on some nice 4' peelers. Lost my board twice and it made for an interesting swim, the board would bounce along to the inside, get in the rip and then head south.
It was easier for me to swim north and then chase the board down the point and swim out and get it.
He told me to bring a leash...but that board has no plug so...

I sold off the Bio board, sad to see it go as it was a magic board for me. I do have the dims and I can dupe it easily enough but its time to move on to other shapes I want to ride before I die.
The yellow 10'6" went to the same guy, no doubt I will see both boards around town.

After surfing today, I will get back to the new hull, its shaped out but I need to refine the nose a bit and thin out the tail for flex.
Bill sent me directions on partial stringers, I have 20 blanks that are stringerless and I want to experiment with flex. Zamora just did a 5'5" with only a tapered stringer for 3 feet of it. I want to try it in a flattened 7'10 Hull I have in mind...but much longer than 3 feet!

Anyway, coffee is ready and the fire is going for the wife when she wakes....
See ya.

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