I love it....

Surf was crap yesterday...
But I just had to ride that Rambler model.
So I did.
10 over for 10 seconds on the crappiest wave I have had in a while.
No perfect peelers like Friday and Saturday.
But the board didn't care.
When I slipped off the tail and the board took off for the beach...I almost enjoyed the swim.
Until I realized it was going to be a loooong swim.
That was my last wave.

I like the fin I made.
Will make another one.

Nolan bought the Bio Board.
I bought a new Makita orbital.

Glassed the '70's round pin last night, going to hot coat it this morning and stick the box in for its Harbour fin.
I did a one drop blue tint on the deck, clear bottom.
Once again, my laps collected sprigs of color where they should not have.
Its easy enough to fix.
I hate those guys at Moonlight.
But I am getting there.
I have fallen in love with colors.
And resin tints.

Shaping a SUP today or at least starting it. I have to make the stringer for the blank I am using and get the width down to what I personally need. I can make it about 31" by 9'2" and have enough volume at 4 1/2 inches thick.
I think.
Right now...the blank is 35 inches wide....float a fat guy for sure!

Oscar emailed me a template for the Liddle slider, maybe in a few days...
First things first.

Like going surfing.
See ya.

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