Nothing but boards...

Stayed up till 1 am sanding and foiling and sanding and foiling...
Put the fins on the fish, more sanding and foiling...

Was up at 0630 for more...sanding and foiling.

Giving the fish a bath right now for some more....sanding but I am done with the foiling.
Need one more round of lay up at 45 degree's and its done, more than done.
Gonna go ride it this morning as is my tradition.
Ride it before its really finished because when you make you own, there is no other feeling better in the world than that first wave.
Well, making that first wave maybe.
Don't worry, I take 600 grit wet/dry out in the water with me and baptise the board while I am at it.
More sanding.
Love the colors of that fish, hate the execution.
Keep telling myself I will do a clear board but those resin tints...I like color.

See ya, go get some, wind is outta the south at 19 knots, swell is getting beat down by that very same wind,
But we know where to go.
Oh yes we do.

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