Took the day off to surf...

Waist high A frames every where...
Rode the 8'0" Hull and was able to match its acceleration off the tail. What a screaming design and though more suited to point breaks, surfers who look further down the line than the next snap can really push this design.
Swooping bottom turns around sections, more control in the pocket than any board I have ridden in 40 years of surfing.
I want one in an 8'4", just a bit more foam in the middle while keeping the outline.
And that resin bead tail too.
Hot coated the fish, might do the deck tonight still, its warm but only at 66 right now in the shop.
Should fire up the wood stove.

Anyway, my hands needed the day off, there are so many things that can wear on your hands while building and shaping boards, from the sanders to the Acetone, ouch.
Of course, the cold today while surfing did not help at all.

Hoping to sell off another board or two, the wife is muttering a bit.
I have dropped a bit of cash but I know I can sell at least one board a month...
Thats all I need to do and she will be happy.
Besides, its Christmas.

Take care.

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