Babylon and on and on...

Did the Ptown trip, hate the place, love the girls...and them funny little hipster boys with the skinny pants.
Met up with Troy, would have loved to shoot the shit but he had to run. Poly picked up a few blanks too as well as a super cool dude named Norio, he is from Da Islands and full of stoke.
Missed Kyle but maybe next time.
Cold as shit up there, how do they stand it?
As I drove up, the Coast was as good as it gets for 145 miles. A-framed beach break with gentle offshores everywhere.

Picked up Pauls' paddleboard, its bound for Davids place, a trade for a 13'6"...thats some longboard.

Anyway, went well, home is good.
Burnt, filthy from the City and I have a headache.

See ya.


Gaz said...

Norio is a cool guy! Small world. You shoulda swung by and seen the best 100yrds o' wave that was sheet glass by 10a.m. today

retro shaper said...

Yeah, he was cool, right on time and doing his duty to boot.
Didn't get up your way but I was slobbering all the way up...and all I had with me was 14 blanks, nary a thing to ride.

Gaz said...

Uh yeah...... there isn't a shortage of boards at my place you know... :-)