Beautiful day...but...

Man, what a day.
Its was nice out.
warmer, a bit of wind, a bit of swell.
Wasn't sure I wanted to ruin it and paddled out but I did.
And man, was I right.
Over the falls and way too late the first three waves.
Caught inside twice.
And that was before I even had a wave.
It did not get better.
Sometimes you kick, sometimes you get kicked and yesterday was just that.
Oh well, I did eventually get three little waves that I almost did not flail on.
I had been out four days in a row and with a bit of flu too but...
(content removed by special request...)

On the shaping front...
I will try to take pics today of the Greenough looking spoon I am working on if I can find it in the foam dust.
First you take a 5'0" piece of foam, shape the bottom, glass it over and over again.
Flip it and remove every bit of foam except the rails and 24 inches of the nose.
The scoop it out real clean like.
And then...
You get the picture.
Of course, with the way I surfed yesterday, a knee board might be safer at this point.

The mini Simmons is waiting for the fins to go on...
The stand up is waiting for more glass, I only need another 80 yards...kidding, but that damn thing is HUGE.

I plan on finishing out the blank on the Andreini copy/template board. I added a full 12 inches to the outline, thought better of it (its a board I want to sell, not keep).
Now if I can get the bottom contours correct instead of just shaping a stubbie out of it I will be doing good.

I have a new squeegee so I really need to lam something today.

Well, back to sways to see whats up.

See ya.

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