Dropped a bucket on my foot-no surf for me...
And to make it worse...
As I was laminating the bottom of the SUP...I noticed I had not knocked down the deck lap on the bottom....what a mess, nothing I cant fix but...DAMMIT.
Way too late to do anything so today, I get to grind away all of the pukas and voids...
What a week.


Any one have ideas on a fin set up for this thing?

Tail is 19", thickness is 4.25 at the step rail. Length is 9'4", width is.....31.25, wide point is 10" in front of center.
Nose is somewhere around 29"...
BIG single with side fins?
Its built from scraps, literally.
Scrap glass, scrap tinted resin I had left over from the Christmas board and two 9'8" blanks that were pretty bad. (I cut them down and put in a 1/2" stringer)
Concave deck with step rails, slight belly to flat to very slight V.
Square tail.
Oh, sequined fabric on the nose because I let Stella help and thats what she wanted.
Hey, anything is possible.
One more 10 oz on the bottom (not scrap) and another 6 on the deck along with one more tail patch.

But I only have 74.00 in it....

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Gaz said...

Go quad, Gerry does.