Nice work outside in the Sun...
Did the hot coat and baste on the SUP, looks good, all the pukas and voids have gone the way of the resinhead, just finished sanding it out to 220.
Tomorrow will go to 400 and the bottom is done. I will then do the deck and rails again in 6oz, that will cover up the deck and its crazy resin pattern-but you cant waste resin so...I am going with a solid blue with a few drops of white and some white pinlines.Looks like a clown threw up.

I will cutlap the deck to the bottom and then hotcoat the whole thing again, insert the box(es) and paddle it. Actually might paddle it Friday.

Finished putting the fins on the mini Simmons inspired craft, I don't think I can ride it as its meant to be ridden, its little, I aint.
I need to fit the leash loop and finish the tail patch and she is done.
I will give it a try but....

If any one is thinking about a Simmons type twinny, its up for sale at 200.00...
Try getting a Zamora or Swift for that and the deal is, no one has the real deal anyway. Every one of these boards is just an interpretation.
My outline and take on it came from Murray and yes, Zamora.
Oh, and that guy in SC who had one at 7'2".

Tomorrow has a funny swell model, longer period but really small. be interesting to see how it plays out.
My foot is still pretty bad but its my back foot, not important really.

I get to go up to Portland this weekend for another blank delivery, I am almost officially sold out as I want to keep 40 for myself.
I have made about half of my money back from the initial buy so the wife isn't too unhappy. But at 12 to 15 bucks profit per blank....well...I bought them all to cover my trip costs and spread the happy, ya know? Seems I will get there and have my 40 or so blanks at 40.00 each, my cost.
Not bad when an 8'4" from FS is 90.00 and shipping.
And of course, I am sitting on enough foam to shape a board a month for the next 3 years.

Well, gonna go play Nintendo with my girl, hands are done with board stuff.

See ya.

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