Dueling Desperadoes

Had a surf with another dumbass, guy like who will paddle out in anything.
It was windblown crap and maybe 2'.
But I got some for an hour anyway.

My two flex fins came today, need a bit of sanding and sealing but nice nonetheless and half the price of new.
Plan on glassing more this evening.

I swapped my storage space for my glassing space in an effort to control the temp and dust better.
Painted the walls blue.
Put in a bigger fan and two electric heaters.
Temperature is so important when glassing and keeping the dust down keeps the pinholes and divots at bay.

Passing along ten more blanks (actually 11) to another local, one of the few around with a willingness to try new and different things. He has a ton of surfcraft, hulls and longboards and who knows what, lots of designs to draw upon.
He got me thinking about shaping a spoon type thing with a hull.
I have never kneeboarded on purpose but one of those might be fun to build and I have a blank that wont be good for anything else.

Anyway, thats the news...

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Doc said...

You seem almost happy these days!