Fun session

Surfed the local crapass/last resort BB this afternoon. With the SE wind at 30 knots plus, it was th eonly spot to have a hope. Clean, windswept peaks and it then it slowly walled up as the tide dropped. The in betweens were fun and I burned more than a few 50 yard lefts, not bad for crapass beachbreak.
Rode the log as its the best board in waist high conditions bar none.

Got an order confirmation from FS, yay, fin boxes by Friday they say.
I also got an LBH True Ames Squirrel fin I bought on ebay, its a minty fin and has a great resin bead and bright yellow color.
Now, if I had a fin box.

Jen rode my blue V-Panel, she liked it as it has more foam to it than anything she rides. She sure tested the resin leash loop, she bails off the board on every wave, letting the leash do the work.
Whatever floats your boat but thats kinda tacky.
It was just her and I out for two hours and then a sponger and some guy I have seen before came out and were swept down past Hippies to the Penis Rock.
Where the wind blows through the gaps and the consistent southerly push, I think they went all the way to Reedsport...

Not much else, more glassing tonight.
Mini-inspired Simmons will be dome soon, just some sanding and fitting a loop to it.
I will probably throw it up for sale while its still new rather than ride it.

See ya.

Oh, checked my pots after surfing and these two wanted to come home for dinner....

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