Well, she said it...

On top of having issue's with FS...our 'local' supplier of fin boxes and cloth...
Don't ask, lets just say...good luck getting your order any time soon.
I have no boxes, no boxes means no boards are getting finished.
I ordered these boxes in early December...
I do have fins though...ebay has been a great source for fins...

The wife last night asked if I had sold any boards off lately.
"Why no honey, I haven't..."
She then mentioned what I have spent and how, perhaps, I should go ahead and at least get rid of one.
Yeah. Thats harder than you think.
One, the economy sucks, people may be buying food but a one off hand shaped surfboard probably isn't high on the list.
Two, surfers are picky, they like 'name' brands.
And around here, they like chinese shit too.
Well, its tough to sell a board. Having sold 3 now, 2 were because the guys saw how well they rode and 1 was such a deal the guy couldn't pass it up.
It costs me 140.00 to build a fish.
I had a fish up on CL and only had a few nibbles at 250.00.
Thats less than 4.00 an hour to me.
So I rode it a lot lately, now its 'used'.
I have never put a leash on it.
I have done fly away kickouts in 20 knot winds just to see how far it will fly.
I can ask less for it.
I have to.
The wife says so.
So I put it on craigslist again, at 175.00
175.00 for a hand shaped fish.

I do think that board sales and styles are directly related to local skills and conditions.
I only surf local pretty much, that is within 5 miles of my house.
So my boards reflect that, they are made for Oregon surf.
A bit thicker, a bit stronger, a bit longer.

For all the good it does me.
The wife said as long as I sell one a month, I can build as many as want.

Well, here is hoping the fish swims away at some point soon...

Maybe some fake Surf Tech logo's would help.

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