Have to love Saturday...

It being my one day 'off', relative to the other days 'off'.
Off course, the wind is already 22 knots from the North and surf will not be found today...
But I do get to pick up two cheap wetsuits.
A Hotline and a Mutant, both hooded 5/4's...
Both less than a year old for 150.00.
Half the cost of one of these suits new.

I love my Hotline, even at 4/3 I am warm most of the year. With the water being at 48 lately, I have had the coldest hands but the warmest ass.
Cold hands because I don't wear mittens, I am a hand dragger and there is no 'feel' with mittens on.
Of course, I don't get to whine about cold hands...
But Hotline is one of the last US companies making suits here.
And that suits me and my ethos to a T.

I cut the masking off of Mikes board last night, looks good, the tailblocks show through pretty nicely right now, hopefully we can keep them that way. Doing the bottom this morning and then the deck again later today with any luck.
Its cold out and cure times are slow. Yeah, I can add catalyst but a slow cure is much stronger with more flex.
We did a reverse lap on it, the deck first rather than the bottom as he wants a traditional looking board. I don't know when glassers starting doing the bottoms first, probably a hundred discussions on sways about it though.
Doing the deck first is a bit easier in terms of knocking seams down after cutting, its much easier to fill a flat surface than the deck joint. I will baste the laps anyway because I hate blisters and air bubbles. A pain to fix and they show all the way through.
Swaylocks has gone into the toilet since Mike swapped over to a new format.
No search functions, can't stay signed in, no PM's, its become unusable.
I just tried to find a link for 'lap basting' and no bueno.
And no one can communicate to him these issues.
But not funny when you want info.
Oh well, its still free.

Well, here comes a bit of the Sun...
See ya.

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