No surf=grumpy surfer

No surf yesterday or today...small and junky...

Doing some glassing today on three boards with any luck. Its warm out and no surf so...

I was planning on shaping out a few longboards for sale, spring is coming and I wanted to offer up an alternative to the Chinese and Thailand boards most shops sell up here.
Its tough to build something stock though, I don't do clear boards (haven't yet anyway) and some people are picky about colors.
I prefer color, lots of it right in the resin. Not only is it fun to do but it helps to create an original looking board. I was in SC once and there were 4 surfers riding the exact same surttechshit.
Not original.
And stock longboard shapes leave much to be desired, way too much compromise.
You either end up with a HPLB or a traditional noserider.
Most longboard buyers ride that much foam for the comfort, not so much the traditional style or the HP style.
I figure I should shape out 4 9'2" 's and do 2 traditional and 2 HP. If I am lucky, I can cover all the bases and get some money up for some more retro singles.
I am pretty happy with the templates I am using on the 8'4" blanks, though they are shaped for surfing right here in my backyard.
It seems to take a long time surfer though to see the beauty in these older retro boards. They are not 'eggs' or funboards but more of a down the line board, something that allows clean lines and drawn out bottom turns.
I ain't seen no Slater's 'round here.

Well, not much else happening.
Going to try and run video on the glassing today and upload it...should be fun given my 'puter is a retro thing too...

At least the Sun is out.

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