An addiction...

Was up late mowing foam on the new Simmons type craft at 7'4", I say 7'4" because thats where I lost all tail rocker on the 9'6" blank I started with.
I think with the longer length that tail rocker would become a hindrance when in trim but I need to do a bit of research before I settle on the 0 number. This one is stringerless too, sorry but I am thinking that stringers are going the way of the Dodo on these alternative craft. The Fish I built had very little flex, the Simmons has very little off the 19" tail (so far, it was only head high on the clean day) so whats the point if your glass schedule is solid?

I read this am that the nose scoop isn't really part of the equation on these craft...maybe but every one should spend two hours shaping one in, besides, how else would you get such an extreme S deck?
I will use the idea in the 7'4", I like how a little pool forms on the nose when you paddle, throw a couple of little jelly fish in there, maybe a starfish or two and enjoy nature in your own little tide pool.

Todd wants a 10'6" shaped but I hope I talked him out of it, something wider with less length, same paddle, more turn without the extreme nose swing.
Just because some guys can pivot 11' of foam doesn't mean every one should.
I say this from experience.

No surf today, 30 knots from the south, 8' at 8 seconds. I don't have a spot for that.
Maybe one...but I have the itch to stay in the shop.

Lets see...
8'0" retro pin...ready to glass
9'2" Log...ready to glass
7'4" Simmons...long way to go

Yep, plenty to do today.

Oh, one more thing to note for you future SUP guys.
I shaped mine to surf in smaller shit, waist high and smaller. I rode mine yesterday in occasional waist high with bigger sets coming through now and then. I had a bit of a channel to work with.
I paddled for a larger set wave and missed it, turned around and saw I was too far inside for the next. I turned tail and sat down, waiting to get creamed.
Hit myself in the head with the paddle shaft.
I will not be surfing that damn thing in any conditions where I will get caught inside.
There is just too much board to hang on to safely.
I guess with a leash on, one could bail off.
Yeah, seen that move.
No thanks.

See ya.

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