Nice day, buckets of rain, offshores, 5' plus and some thumping shorebreak.
Rode the Simmons again in the shit, love it, no twitch, all bitch.
How come the tail doesn't hang up when dropping in late?
I rode some slamming shorebreak on it, extremely late take offs and only got left behind once and that was my fault.
I was going to build one at 8'0" but I am thinking 7'0" or so instead. The basic design and foam distribution seems to really help paddle speed. It does paddle into waves easily and a 7'0" would be easier to get out of a 9'2" blank.
I guess I either got really lucky or I did my homework on the design, there is nothing like trolling through sways for hours and reading all of the other info out there on these boards.
The board surfs like they say they do. Lots of glide but you can think carve and it does, projects very well into the line you choose.

Saw S's finished hull, crazy acid colors on the bottom and top, cool board but I still say it must have been hell wrapping those knife rails! I think he is on to something with that board and I can't wait to try it.

Anyway, still two hours of light left...
See ya.

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