All things being equal...

Rolled up to the beachie and its was on fire I suited up to join the 7 already out when I noticed who wasn't there.
I quietly slipped back into the van and headed for another little corner of my world.
One out.
Plus me.
5' reeling righthanders.
Though inconsistent, 11 waves added up to 600 yards of wide open faces.
And the wind never showed.
Neither did the Saturday kook patrol.
The two hour window came and went, committed to memory as one of the best days I have had at this spot.

I am heading out in a few for more, I know I won't score yesterdays treasure but thats ok.

Whats this?

What the hell?

Is that a Simmons inspired board?
See anything you like?
The wife wont mind, its not a new board.
In fact, it could pass as vintage.
Tell her you saw it at a yard sale.

Still two more lay ups on the fins but thats to clean up the bamboo dust.
Its faster than your board.
It paddles very well.
Its surprisingly user friendly.
If you can surf rail to fact, I buried the rail both frontside and backside and the board did not flinch.
Did I mention its faster than your board?

Doesn't surf vertical but carves really tight instead, no snaps, just spray, lots of spray.
And glide.
Lots of glide.

This one is 6'8" measured on the bottom, 6'6" on the deck.
22 3/4" wide, 19" inch tail, 17" inch nose, wide spot 3" behind center.
Thin railed, knifey throughout.
Marine ply D fins at 5" tall, 10" bases, slightly foiled (NACA low speed)
Mild Hull bottom to flat to concave 'tween the fins.
3" nose rocker, 1" tail.
S deck.
All the foam is beneath your feet.
Balsa stringered nose, scooped.
Tan and rather hemp like resin tint over red spaghetti acrylic.
Alternating red/white pinline on the bottom.
Double six deck, single six bottom, rails wrapped 3 times.
Sanded finish to 600.
Resin leash loop for you dogs.
7 lbs.
Some cosmetic imperfections-its handmade after all.
Is it the only one in Oregon?
I think so.

Its for sale so I can build me a 8'0" just like it.
First 200.00 takes it.
Will work for a guy up to 200 lbs, down to 165 lbs if they have some power in their surfing.
Those that ride thruster type HiPro's wont like it.


That Guy said...

have you also had an 8' single fin v-hull with blue and black resins on craigslist? If so let me know.


Doc said...

Step Next...
verification = tribobs