No surf today but I did finish shaping the longboard, going to add a tailblock so no glassing.
But here are some pictures from the mini inspired finned like a twin Simmons.
Its dripped and brushed red acrylic, light tan resin tint.

Ta da.
I have yet to ride it, between riding my other boards, who has time?
Besides, I am not sure I can keep up with it, at my age...who knows?
Insane sequence of Jason on his at J-Dub, I think I can, I think I can...

Anyway, here is a current picture of my first log.
(no, the stand up isnt that big, its leaning on something)

My go to three days a week usually.
Its had 70 sessions, maybe more, in the last four months. Its dirty, its loved.
I dont ride it when we get waist high and up surf but it rocks in the zippers at the beach break. The deck has some denting-I didn't put on a patch and I knee paddle it exclusively. The 9'2" I am building will be its shorter twin.
See ya.

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