Darn it...

I forgot to load pics this morning...oh well, later.
Mike and I did the deck patch and last 6oz on his deck last night after surfing most of the day. Looks pretty good though my pinline work left something to be desired...
Doing the box and sanding today of the surf lets me.
Its been too fun here ofr much shaping or glassing, four hours in the water on the 10'0" and the SUP yesterday.
The SUP design is working out well, the curvy outline is loose and it rides like a 9'6" HPLB. No problems noseriding it which surprised me. I didn't build anything special into the nose to aid in noseriding, no chine, no concave but I had fives and almost a ten yesterday.
I am still using a 12 inch pivot fin on it, I will stick with that fin until I see a need for adding outside fins. So far I have not spun it out though it does have that 'about to side slip' feel.
I might start another one before I sell this one, go a bit longer and give up a touch of width. I can turn this one around in 3 seconds and get enough momentum to catch waves but I wouldn't mind building one with more Bay paddling in mind.
Oh, that was my fourth session on it and I fell off only twice.
Why mention this?
Well...when you are standing and paddling, you get dry, you get hot.
But when you toss of into 47 degree water, you remember it and do not want to do it again.
And for those out there that bag on SUP'ers...I don't think you get it...
The little shit local that has 6 months in the water and tries to ride a 5'9" by 19" in mush...yesterday he mentions how he won't ride a board he can't duck dive.
He thinks my boards are too wide at 23"...and blah blah blah...
Its that mindset that I don't get. I am not committed to only one style of board, I ride what suits the conditions. He seems to think that you only get one board...and refuses to see that a board should suit the conditions or you will just get to watch.
I had 22 waves to his 3 yesterday.
Because my mind is open to riding what works, not what Slater can ride in 2' mush.
And I am too smart to have to duck dive much.

Anyway, thats the news, pics later of the Mike board.
No surf for me today, a short window from 1130 to 230 is all I get.
Oh well, not a dry suit to be had anyway!

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