Thinner 2...

"Dude, I saw your blog post, that so shitty Dude, I like that board, its how they make them..."
He came by and picked it up last night.
I told him I could not make a board that is going to end up in a landfill within months if not weeks.

And Dude, if thats how "they" make them, dont buy them.

Oh well.

In other surfboard news...
I tried using more Bamboo cloth, have to say the stuff sucks.
Fiberglass is green enough for me.
I used bamboo dust to glass on some fins too.
I will be doing more sanding than I should be doing because again, the tech just isnt there for these 'green' alternatives.
The longboard skate I built using the cloth is holding up but its cloth over wood. Cloth over foam, not so much.

Might get some surf today, some kind of weird SW is coming through. Short period swell but I will have a look anyway.

Thats the news.

Off for the weekend.
See ya.

Oh, I have a few blanks heading up to Portland.
I might have around 6 8'4"'s and 9'2"'s to part with.
Any one need a blank or two, email at

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