A friend stopped by a few minutes ago, I am holding his 'make me one just like it' board...
I grabbed the nose and the tail and bent the fucking thing. I could snap this board if I tried. It's 6'6" by 20" by....2 1/4"...
2 1/4".
Means I would have to shave off at least an inch from the blank.
Are you kidding me?
He is going to get a phone call in a minute, no talking, just laughter.
What is it with surfers thinking that this is enough foam for Oregon?
How long will a board like this last?
Is this why he wants it copied when its only three weeks out of the shop?
Good grief.

"Dude, see that move?"
"Naw man"
"Broke my board"
"The move?"
"Yeah, I laid down to paddle and it just snapped...."

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MC said...

stumbled upon this blog a few days ago. i love it.