Pink eye

Its what little kids get when they are around other little kids.
Its what Stella has.
Pink eye means I did nothing productive today but study Dinosaurs, recycle paper, have fun with Play-Doh, bake bacon, go to the park, watch SpongeBob, chase bugs, catch bugs, pretend to eat bugs, put in a leash plug, look at a house on 4 acres we might buy, make dinner and now...
A few minutes to myself.
And what am I doing?
Reading Cordage on fins.
You dont know what Cordage on a fin is?
What the heck you doing here?
Anyway, no surf for me though I heard it was EPIC.
Some surf tomorrow with any luck as the weekend looks tossed.
This is out the back concave on the mini.
Its why I am reading about Fin Cordage.

See ya.