I have to post this picture...

Because I like the way it shows how a board works. This is "Daily Bread" Jason on his mini Simmons type craft. It was built by Zamora for Jason and it seems to work well for him.

Click to make it bigger...

What I like about the sequence is how it shows the line the board takes, what it leaves behind, how its rails/tail/fin/nose all work together. The track can tell a shaper a whole lot more than just looking at a board and taking dims.

While his board length might work up here, I feel that we need a bit more foam and a bit more length for our conditions-4' Newport beachbreak isn't whats around the corner from me. More like big thumping beachbreak that requires some paddling not only to get out to but to get into the wave. I tossed this idea around and sways and most agreed with me.
The outline of these Simmons inspired craft isn't where the looseness and responsive nature lies, most of that is in the fin placement and rails. Length is the variable in all of these retro inspired craft.
The outline is just pure speed.
I will ride mine tomorrow though I am guessing I would want one at 8'0", not only for the paddle but to draw longer lines (I am old and old school). I built this one because I had the foam, the templates and a 6'4" Swift Movement Mini in the house for a week. (no, I didn't get to ride it)
We will see how it goes.

Credit Jdub for the great sequence shot.

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