"but Honey, you knew I was a surfer when you married me..."

Yeah, I got nothing done today. I surfed the shitbreak, it was ok after going to the longboard.
Then I wandered over to the SUP spot and rode that for three hours. There is something about paddling the thing around and sliding into whatever wave comes along, its addicting.
And hot.
The sun was out strong and when you aren't in the water but standing and paddling, you get hot. I need to go with a 2 mil or less, my UHC Hotline is baking me.
I have sunburn on my face...in February.
But I rode about 200 1' waves, sliding the staircases and getting some loooong nose rides.
And just so you know that, yes, I am a inventive sort...
What do you do with the paddle while surfing? Soem hold it like its useless, others keep paddling with it or use it to prop themselves up. I stuff mine behind my back for noseriding, kind of like the hands behind the back thing but with an 84 inch paddle.
I also twirled it once like a Kung Fu stick...and today, I broke new Donkey ground...
I took off and trimmed up, went to the nose and then tried to balance the paddle straight up in the palm of my right hand, the handle resting comfortably and the blade sky high.
I also learned that I can throw the paddle in a circle, the blade skimming across the nose and ending up on the side I need it on.

Way too much time on my hands...???

Anyway, having fun, hope you are too.
See ya.
Oh, got a bite on the Simmons, can't sell it unless I know how it works so I have to ride the damn thing.
I am hoping it surfs well, it should, it has the right stuff, it looks right, you just know, you know?
Well, I don't so I will ride it tomorrow in crap and see if it puts a smile on my face.

Now, see ya.

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