Just finished the fixin' of the 6'4", I redid the deck in dark brown, left the bottom as was, not much I can do with it. I put the board in between some racks and let Stella jump and down on it, its tight with minimum flex so it will hold up considering it didn't have the fill coat yet. I just finished that so as soon as it kicks and I get back from a surf check, I will set the fins and maybe ride it tomorrow.
In this pic, you can really see the spooned nose.
The guy who wanted it will wait another two days, he won't get this one though he was good with what happened when I showed it to him. If nothing else, I learned a lot about color.

I have now shaped four of these Simmons inspired craft ( I had to shape a new blank as this funky one had a buyer till the tint meltdown...), each one takes as long as the first, so many design elements to tie together, deck to the foil, foil to the rail, bottom to the rail, hull to the foil/rail, scoop nose....its a bunch and way more complicated than blowing out a log.
Thats one of the reasons I started in on this kick. You have to learn by challenging yourself, if you are not sweating the details and making mistakes, you ain't trying hard enough.
Who wants to coast?
Its boards such as this one that tell me that I have much to learn, thats ok, I have time and patience...and a mindset that knows failure is relative.

See ya.

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