You know you

...had fun when you wake up as sore as I am this am...
I hit the SUP spot and stayed out till almost dark last night. As the tide dropped, more and more energy got in and 2' slop became 3' slop. Had a blast on the SUP, that board does some amazing speed line's in mere junk surf.

The Cranberry Growers Best Friend was out on his new board, surfing well and getting into the groove of the old school, traditional log. Its great to see a surfer on the right board for the conditions and out having fun. He was out quite a while and getting some fun sandbar peelers up the faux point.

I have the hotcoat sanded on the brown board, I was too tired to set the fins last night but I will get them on this morning. I used a bit of a different foil on these, more like the ones I saw in a picture of one of Bob's boards. Bulbous in the front to very thin in the back. If you look at the pic above, they are sitting on the shelf.
Give it a try.
I did notice that the board is starting to look like my 10'0" in colors....

No surf for me for most of the week, trip planned for going south soon so I need to cover some 'honey do's' before I go.
Alright, I will sneak out when I can....

See ya.

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