I set the fins on the bloody stool Simmons-esque board finally, not before going through the options...
The bottom is still dimpled but relatively flat, I laid out 1/16th balsa over the entire bottom and considered laying it up. Sways tends to disagree, saying over all that the board may have cosmetic issues but covering them up would just add weight.
The float from the balsa would almost cover the added glass but I think they are right, good money just to hide cosmetic defects.
But laying out all that balsa...the next one is going to get a balsa deck I think. The bottom would be easier to do but you don't see the bottom.

I am laying up the fins this morning and maybe glassing up the new longboard, I plan on getting it out there ASAP so I can fund my trip south.
No surf.
No surf?
I might just do a bike trip instead.
Because I have been getting so much surf right here at home, maybe I need a vacation from surfing. (I live in Pacific City, where all the waves are above average)

Trouble might be...I am a surfer, I don't have a bike that will do a trip.
I have one of these....(1960's Schwinn Meridian)

Barter anyone?
Have a bike you hate because it doesn't surf well?
Want to do some trading?
My email is over there on the right.

Speaking of emails...
I was asked how I can sell boards so cheap.
I bought my blanks for cheap, cutting material costs and then passing on that savings.
If I bought blanks at 140.00 each (thats FS price), it would cost me 260.00 to build a board. Plus shipping the blank.
It costs me 180.00 to build a 9'0" longboard.
Takes me 12 to 14 hours.
So if I get close to 300.00, I am happy.
250.00? The wife is happy.
Little boards are cheaper to build, say 160.00 for a Simmons type.
But I have to make the fins and the design itself is time consuming so it takes just as much time as a longboard.

Yeah, I could ask 400.00 but I won't get it.
My boards don't have logo's.
But I do put my daughters name somewhere on every one of them.
Thats worth something.
Oh, and not one of them would pass a drug test.

Anyway, time to get to work...or play.
See ya.


Gaz said...

(I live in Pacific City, where all the waves are above average), haha funny.

retro shaper said...

Hey, I am sending tourists our way...