The Bloody Stool

Thats a model name.
The Bloody Stool.
Here it is.
6'4" by 23" by 3 1/4", 20" nose, 19" tail. Double 6 deck, single 6 bottom with tail patch.
Ride report tomorrow, going by the feel of the foil, I expect good things.Note the rail line (click on the pic, its big), the foil spills up and onto the nose, the hull is a bit more pronounced than the last two.
That nose is more akin to what the Swift Movement guys are shaping.
I saw a picture and just copied what I saw. Its an easier nose than a true 'scoop' but as long as the rail foil gets to roll up with the hull, its works.
"Dad ?"

"You missed a spot!"
Overall, I am happy with the shape. I stayed true to the original designs while adding some proven updates.
I will probably use this as a demo for any one thinking about one of these Simmons influenced boards.

See ya.
Oh, I got waves today.
And no, I don't live in Pacific City but a guy can dream right?


pushingtide said...

Fuck, that is a cool board. Closest backyard one I've seen to the ones RK is ridin'. Interesting to see how fast that thing flies..

retro shaper said...

Thanks Pushing!
The outline and overall plan shape is very close to what Baugess is doing (Swift), a secret shaping cabal has been getting the info and dims out.
But thats not to say Baugess has the end all to the design. Lots of room to play and adapt.
I have still haven't shaped a little one but soon.