Deck and side pics of the new one. Note I foiled the deck a bit more at the tail, this board is balanced just for me. I had been leaving a bit more foam back there at the S deck but after watching how the water comes up and over the deck line while in trim, I tried to leave a cleaner line of flow. The nose has 1/4" more hull to the rail flip than the shorter Stool board. I feel this really helps in entry onto the wave face as well as creating a break on the bottom onto the flat. This board has zero rocker from the 4' mark to the tail.
I expect it to be faster that the others so I am increasing the fin area a bit, going with 5 1/4" by 10" in Bamboo.
I will get the hotcoat on this morning after doing the deck pinlines in blue to tie it in with the stripes.
Right now, its at 4 lbs. exactly.

With any luck, done by tomorrow and then I am off with this board on a little trip to the south.
See ya.

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