Had a great weekend, lots of shaping, lots of glassing, a bit of surf.
Rode some fun ones yesterday on the Bloody Stool and while the board is still cursed and doomed to burst into flames any day now, I had fun shooting the rocks at Hippies and then doing 20 foot fly away kick outs. No matter the dimpled bottom, its still a fun ride.
Today had the wind and funk but I rode the SUP for a bit (a bit being four hours), wind was so bad at one point I got blown off the board and it went airborne as well.
Had a lot of fives but mostly surfed switch for the fun of it.
Some tourist types showed up with 4500.00 worth of straight from Thailand C4's and Lairds...I bit my tongue, they left anyway.
Then they came back in an hour, three strong, paddled right out to where I was burning my lefts.
I was the only one out, plenty of beach to my north and south.
Needless to say, the Blatant Local in me kicked in.
They suffered the wrath of Local Knowledge.
I have the place wired up, period.
They do not.
I know they had fun watching anyway.

Here is my latest in process, I have the deck done but its too fresh to go back in the shop for pictures without the smell getting to me.
I went with a pale opaque yellow on the bottom, fitting patches to the nose and tail.
I went stringerless so the deck is getting triple 4 oz, the bottom has double 6 oz with the aforementioned patches making triple 6 oz nose and tail.
Looks pretty good so far, the deck is clear but for two light blue stripes on a diagonal at the 20 inch mark.
I know, boring but I didn't want to do much else to it. I am saving flames for the 7'4" and frankly, something simple this time sounded appealing.
I grind the tailblock clean before the next glass, it gets its own wrap at the end of it all.
Note the nose and tail patches. Nothing scientific, just reinforcement where I think it needs it. The tailblock stiffens the tail, the nose is scooped so....its getting 5 layers total. Overkill perhaps but who needs a broken nose?
Its a nice even tint, yellow with two drops of white. I like it, been a while since I have done anything in yellow.
So, I will flip it in an hour or so and do the fill on the bottom. I had hope to have it done by tomorrow but its all good, shit takes time.

Hope ya'll had a good weekend.
See ya.


wavegliders said...

wow, one more work of art that will make someone very happy. to me make sure. I hope you do not mind that I followed your work closely

retro shaper said...

Thanks Nico, your boards are way prettier than mine though!
Ya'll should click through, the guy does some good stuff.