These are boottie prints.This is what I rode.
2-4 foot beachbreak peaks in dead glass.
The design works, period. In early with time to
plot the line. First pump and wooosh, see ya.
By the second pump, I have enough speed to do any line I choose.
Thats freedom.
I can get it up on plane knee paddling.
Its 6'4".

I am sticking with the layout/rail/hull/s deck/fins and most dims,
only the length will change for future

He was on to something.

See ya.


r. said...

sounds like the latest project turned out fine. it was worth going through the turns in the end. easy for me to say, it sounded like quite an ordeal!
boy, that red is RED. the patch actually looks cool. nice job in pulling it off. what's next?

retro shaper said...

Lessee, an order for a 7'4", making another for me at 6'8" and doing a mini at 5'6" for sale...
And Balsa, lots of Balsa...but a little less red tint.

wavegliders said...

this mini-simmons looks awesome. the idea of making boards that doesn't envolve 3 fins it's just spreding and it's already arriving to Portugal. the family is geting bigger